Commercial Lending


Commercial Lending


Commercial Lending

UMB offers a comprehensive suite of services beyond standard bank products to suit your financial needs. Our experienced commercial officers can help you map your lending requirements for this year, next year and beyond, so you are prepared for what’s ahead.

• Commercial loans
• Secured business lines of credit
• Traditional equipment loans
• Real estate financing
• Treasury management strategies

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Which solution do you need?

Choosing a business lender is only a part of the process. The next step is to decide which financing package is right for your business, now and in the future. Understanding the difference between traditional commercial lending and invoice financing can help you select the service that suits your current needs.

Accounts receivable financing is best for companies that are not eligible for traditional bank loans by quickly providing them access to working capital for day-to-day business expenses. Additionally, accounts receivable financing can help companies that would like enhanced cash flow flexibility and back office support.

Traditional banks, on the other hand, typically require that clients meet stronger credit requirements before they are willing to extend financing. In that regard, commercial lending is geared more for companies that can handle increased credit scrutiny and in-depth reviews of their operations.

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