Financing the Staffing Industry

Working capital financing is a convenient alternative to traditional commercial lending and can be an effective tool for staffing companies looking to stabilize cash flow, cover monthly expenses and bring on new business. UMB's financing can provide funds based on your invoice volume, which can allow you to focus on what you do best—attracting top talent and filling the human resource needs of your clients.



Payroll peace of mind

The staffing industry follows a unique payment timeline, with invoicing submitted to the client only after an individual begins his or her position at the client’s company. If a substantial length of time has passed during that process, it may take weeks or even months to see the income from your services—and expenses can’t wait for that process to conclude. With UMB accounts receivable financing, you can meet your daily business demands and fund payroll by factoring some or all of your invoices.

Looking to the future

An important part of business is being able to act on opportunities to expand by adding new clients or landing a long-term staffing contract. Accounts receivable financing can give you the ability to meet the higher expense needs of a larger client while still meeting the overhead, advertising and payroll costs of your current business volume. With the cash at hand to cover payroll every month, you can build your reputation as a recruiter who follows through by paying in full and on time.

A team working for you

UMB will partner with you to build a financing package that can meet your needs—now and in the future. Our dedicated support team offers transparent reporting, and will review your income reports with you for one-on-one detail and analysis. With the help of our accounts receivable team, you can streamline your operations without having to worry about payment cycles and collections.

UMB can meet the financing needs of staffing industry while still being nimble enough to process working capital programs quickly. Alternative lending can help companies bridge the financing gap left by traditional banks.

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