Financing for the Manufacturing Industry

Manufacturing is one of the foundational industries of America, and it provides a variety of goods to all corners of the U.S., but its payment cycle can make it difficult to manage adequate cash flow. Accounts receivable financing can give your business access to funds for everyday costs.




The tools for the job

With expenses that range from overhead and technology, to inventory and research and development, it is critical to get into a cost management rhythm that works. Invoice financing can help you maintain operational efficiency by leveraging your accounts receivable into immediate funds. Marquette can also help handle payment collection from customers. The flexibility of Marquette invoice factoring and the benefits of improved liquidity can make sure you have the tools necessary to manufacture goods as promised.

Dedicated support team

Managing a manufacturing company has unique challenges, but managing customer payments shouldn’t be one of them. With Marquette’s accounts receivable team, you can leave collections and payment processing to us, while you focus on the current needs of your business and its future. We will review receivable reports with you to ensure you have a complete picture of your business volume and outlook. With that information, you can better prepare months and even years ahead to make sure your business survives and thrives.

Marquette can meet the financing needs of manufacturing industry by offering the strength of a bank through our parent company, UMB Bank, n.a., while still being nimble enough to process working capital programs quickly. Alternative lending can help companies bridge the financing gap left by traditional banks.

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