Financing for the Energy Industry

Not many industries can relate to the challenges within the energy industry. Whether it’s the breakneck speed of economic changes, or the long payment cycles, oil and gas is not for the faint of heart. We understand these challenges and are ready to help you overcome them with working capital financing.



Weather the storm

We know energy companies experience longer than normal payment processes, with some customers taking months to respond to invoices for services. With that in mind, working capital financing is a flexible solution to unstable monthly cash flow because it allows you to leverage current business volume for a cash advance. You can choose to factor all or only some of your monthly invoices to receive advances that can help cover the cost of insurance, overhead, payroll and more.

One-on-one dedicated support

Not only can the flexibility of account receivable financing help you streamline your daily operations, it can also help you increase efficiency. Our back office support team offers transparent reporting, and will review your income reports with you for one-on-one detail and analysis.

UMB can meet the financing needs of energy industry while still being nimble enough to process working capital programs quickly. Alternative lending can help companies bridge the financing gap left by traditional banks.

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