Working Capital Industry Solutions


Working Capital Industry Solutions

UMB caters to a variety of industries to provide accounts receivable financing, one-on-one service and efficient back office accounting for businesses across the U.S. We know these industries inside and out and will work with you to build a financing package that suits your size, business volume and working capital needs.

Trucking and Transportation

Transportation is an industry with unique challenges, from higher upfront costs for fuel and payroll to longer payment timelines. Partnering with a lender that understands those challenges and can provide custom solutions can help companies manage expenses and stabilize cash flow.


The staffing industry follows a unique payment timeline, with invoicing submitted to the client only after an individual begins his or her position at the client's company. If a substantial length of time has passed during that process, it may take weeks or even months to see the income from your services—and expenses can't wait for that process to conclude. With UMB accounts receivable financing, you can meet your daily business demands and fund payroll by factoring some or all of your invoices.


Business owners in the distribution industry have to pay for products, delivery costs and insurance to ensure clients receive the products they need—and that can mean front-heavy expenses with delayed invoice payments. Working capital financing can help ensure you have the funds to cover your everyday expenses, and enough liquidity to accept new business.


Manufacturing is one of the foundational industries of America, and it provides a variety of goods to all corners of the U.S., but its payment cycle can make it difficult to manage adequate cash flow. Accounts receivable financing can give your business access to funds for everyday costs. With expenses that range from overhead and technology, to inventory and research and development, it is critical to get into a cost management rhythm that works. Invoice financing can help you maintain operational efficiency by leveraging your accounts receivable into immediate funds.


Whether it's the breakneck speed of economic changes, or the long payment cycles, oil and gas is not for the faint of heart. We understand these challenges and are ready to help you overcome them with working capital financing. We know energy companies experience longer than normal payment processes, with some customers taking months to respond to invoices for services. With that in mind, working capital financing is a flexible solution to unstable monthly cash flow because it allows you to leverage current business volume for a cash advance.

Government Receivable

Working with the government can be complex. On the one hand, the security and longer-term relationships inherent in a government contract can be a boon to your business. However, government payment processes for products and services can take months. Invoicing financing allows you to leverage your current working capital in order to receive a cash advance. UMB will follow up with the government regarding payment and will work to ensure the invoice is paid. We are familiar with the complexities of doing business with the government, and can help you navigate the invoice documentation and reporting it requires.

Additional Industries

  • General service providers
  • Consulting
  • Cable / Telecom
  • Security firms
  • Importers / Exporters
  • Home furnishings
  • Hospitality
  • Entertainment
  • Apparel
  • Textiles

It's important to find a financial partner who understands your business. UMB works with companies in many different industries to implement accounts receivable financing solutions that provide funding for everyday business expenses and the capital to expand when the opportunity arises.

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